Liability Release Waiver

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Liability Release, Assumption of Risk, and Indemnity Agreement

I understand and acknowledge that there are risks of personal injury, death, and property damage while participating in the instructional activities and rentals offered by North Texas Paddle Sports, LLC. Some risks are inherent in canoeing kayaking and stand up paddling (sup), even in still water; other risks are posed by the forces of the currents, swells, and waves in rivers, the bay, or the ocean; other risks are inherent in outdoor activities, wilderness travel, or water sports generally; still other risks may arise from conditions, situations, or activities of which I am presently unaware. All canoeing, kayaking and sup is dangerous, and other non-boating dangers may present themselves during the rental.
In consideration of North Texas Paddle Sports, LLC. (“NTPS”) allowing me to rent equipment, I hereby release, discharge, waive, disclaim, and relinquish all claims, actions, or causes of action for personal injury, wrongful death, or property damage against NTPS arising as a result of my participation in a class or trip, my use of NTPS equipment, or any
activities incidental to the class or trip; this shall apply even if NTPS is negligent or otherwise at fault. I also agree to defend and indemnify NTPS and hold it harmless for any personal injury, death, or property damage arising from my conduct, even if NTPS is also negligent or otherwise at fault.
I understand that the effect of my signing this document is that I (1) assume all risk of any injury, wrongful death, or property damage I might suffer while participating in a class  or trip, even if it comes as a result of the negligence or other fault of NTPS, (2) absolve and release NTPS from the consequences of their negligence and or other fault, (3) will indemnify and defend NTPS against any legal actions or other claims for damages arising as a result of my conduct. I understand that I am forfeiting important legal rights and incurring important legal responsibilities.

I understand that certain skills, abilities, and physical and mental health, and fitness are required in order to reduce the dangers involved in canoeing, kayaking and sup; I possess these. I agree to wear a properly fastened personal floatation device (life jacket) at all times while aboard a boat or on or in the water, and to use such other safety equipment as may be provided to me by NTPS. I understand and agree that should emergency rescue evacuation become necessary, the expenses are my sole responsibility and not that of NTPS. I agree that the terms of this document bind me, my heirs, assigns, executors and administrators, and protect NTPS, their agents, employees, officers, directors, and shareholders.

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Signed by Ryan Bruce
Signed On: August 18, 2018

North Texas Paddle Sports
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